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The 2020 elections will be remembered for a number of reasons, including the COVID-19 global pandemic, and historic nationwide voter suppression efforts. Most extraordinarily of all, it should be remembered by the efforts undertaken by public officials in the highest offices to intentionally and strategically work to publicly discredit our electoral process .

In an effort to combat confusion with transparency, the Speak Up Now campaign in Oregon is promoting the live streaming of ballot counting processes by county elections offices.

So far in this effort, we're encouraged to know that Columbia, Polk and Wasco counties are providing live stream links for their residents to observe the process from home.

Have you contacted your county office to ask whether this process is available to you?

After the 2020 elections, our country may require a transition of presidential power. In order to promote that this be done peacefully and transparently, the Speak Up Now campaign is actively organizing with other groups in Oregon

This call to action is for people nationwide, because protecting this democracy means taking action in communities all around the country.

There are people trying to subvert our elections. But it's important to highlight that there are plenty of us at work, organizing to protect them.

Take a look at the video, and join us in this nonviolent struggle to uphold democracy in the US. It will take every one of us available.



We may face a serious constitutional crisis come November, and we owe it to ourselves to be prepared. The first step here in Oregon, is to join together in demanding public commitments from various powers in our state, namely: the media, our elected officials, and the armed agents (police and military).


With these commitments, we outline our expectations; and we will follow over the next four weeks by building coalition, and increasing public pressure. There is a real chance we will have to mobilize and work together after the elections, so let's get started now.

If you're in Oregon, join us in these efforts:

If you're not in Oregon, consider making demands in your state or community!

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