We are Oregon residents concerned with the current political climate, both in our communities and nationwide. Our concerns specifically regard the vulnerability of our local, state and national elections; as well as the systemic racism that continues to go unaddressed, and drive inequality across the nation.

We are committed to nonviolence in every action we take, promote, and/or support




You are someone, somewhere in the US, wishing you could make a difference. Wishing you had a way to contribute meaningfully to the cause. You share our concerns about the elections and want to be involved. You hear the call to root out systemic racism and want to answer it.

But it's so overwhelming and difficult to start, that many of us just never do. And we sit with the idea that we want to make a difference and we just don't know how.

All of us at Speak Up Now share that feeling, and we decided our place to start was to build this toolkit for ourselves. We immediately knew that distributing it could benefit organizers all over the country. Check it out below and join us in speaking up now.


What can I do at work?
What can I do in my place of worship?
What can I do at school?
What can I do in my college/university?
What can I do online?
What can I do with my social media platform?
What can I do in my community?
What can I do as a public servant?
What can I do as a medical professional?


What can we do to increase voter registration?

What can we do to increase voter turnout?

What can we do to increase voter access?

What can we do to demand reliable auditability of our elections?

What can we do to promote a peaceful transition of presidential power?

What can we do to contribute to the rooting out of systemic racism?


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US elections

Systemic racism and allyship


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"